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Let’s build a beautiful future for you. Choose from a wide list of Countries to Study Abroad and get an MBBS degree for mankind. At Encore Group, we always believed in learning makes the path wide and broad. So go ahead and take a step.

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    Your Future Starts, When You Choose to Study Abroad.

    Editorial Service

    Our Editorial Services include credential verification and check for completeness of the documents which reduces the delay in processing applications. Encore ensures that foreign universities always receives.

    Editorial Service

    Course Selection

    Choosing a course of your choice and the appropriate university with a country of your preference is a tedious task as there are thousands of universities across the globe. Our Counsellor shall guide and assist.

    Course Selection

    Scholarship Assistance

    Encore provides detailed guidance on the available scholarships to students whose scores & academic performance qualify them to get a scholarship. Encore Team will provide a list of available scholarships.

    Scholarship Assistance

    Pre-Departure Guidance

    Our pre-departure counseling will ensure that foreign universities receive students who have reasonable expectations and are better prepared to deal with the changes. We help Students to possess adequate knowledge.

    Pre-Departure Guidance

    Emergency Services

    There are other requirements of a student which can’t be ignored in a foreign land. Each student is provided complete guidance that helps them in migration, travel, and settling abroad. Encore guides students.

    Emergency Services

    Visa Assistance

    Many Students fail to clear the VISA process due to poor preparation. We prepare students for their VISA interviews to ensure a higher rate of success the earliest. It is an admitted fact that in the Indian sub-continent.

    Visa Assistance

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    Courses we offer

    We offer a variety of Courses to Choose from to Start your Career.

    We at Encore always believe in vividity and consistency, with 16 years of experience we endeavor and strive to be the best option for choosing your future study and career with us. Our expertise helps us building such a big fragment in the global market.

    Healthcare & Medicines

    Becoming a doctor is a dream for many young men and women, looking for a profession that is among the most respected, financially rewarding, and attractive career in India.

    Engineering & IT

    The world needs plenty of internationally qualified, well-equipped and talented engineers.

    Business & Management

    MBA is one of the most sought after courses today and not just the career but even the search for the ideal B-School can take you round the world.

    Hospitality & Tourism

    The Tourism and Hospitality Industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes Travel, lodging, food, event planning, etc.


    A social science education gives you a broad and diverse range of subjects and a wide range of career options.

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